Echosline No Yellow Shampoo

Blond is an extremely challenging tone compared to other colours. To be always shiny and defined it requires more and continuous care.

Since the tones of blonds are very light and range from level 8 up to 10, hair needs a lower amount of dyes to be coloured and toned.
This determines:
1) faster fading between colour services
2) lower reflect stability over time
3)tendency to turn brassy because of oxidation caused by air, mechanical agents, external and chemical factor


The secret of perfect blond, either neutral or cold, therefore lies in a constant pigment refill through the addition of the right dyes that keep it defined, shiny and long-lasting.

Every step in processing very light blond hair must be aimed at achieving a perfect result without underestimating any stage.


Blond is toned thanks to a first light layer of no yellow colours contained in the shampoo.

Thanks to the high conditioning action, the mask further strengthens its neutralizing effect giving an even and vibrant neutral or cold reflect.

The biphasic spray gives maximum sealing protection that stabilizes and seals the cuticle structure, ensuring the longest duration of the anti-brass reflect and extraordinary colour shine.

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Every blond customer’s desire is not just to have brightness, shine and perfection of the neutral or cold reflect, but to keep it, too.
The new blend of no yellow pigments and Red Grape extract ensures neutralising performance of yellow, which balances at the same time any cold/blue-violet excess reflect.
Thanks to its antioxidant action, it gives shine and reflect stability to truly perfect blond.

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